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Leveraging our state-of-the-art Zipper Flap Patent Pending access zippers, Access Screens, LLC makes gutter maintenance and screen enclosure storm preparedness easier than ever.
We strive to deliver top-notch solutions for our customers in Florida, but we plan to expand our service area.

Guaranteed to last as long as the screen

What Is Zipper Flap

This is an exciting new screen enclosure Idea! Zipper Flap is a zippered access screen panel which can be used on all types of screen enclosures. The zippers are guaranteed to last as long as the screen. There are 3 types of Zipper Flap access panels. The first one is the gutter zipper. This zippered screen panel can be placed anywhere there is a gutter adjacent to it , allowing for easy access to gutters. The second is the Cage Top access panel it provides access for cage top cleaning. The 3rd is the Hurricane Panel this is the same as the Cage Top access panel except that it comes with straps to hold the flap down in a storm.  All Zipper Flaps have a secondary function. If strategically-placed Zipper Flaps with straps can drastically lower the wind resistance in hurricane winds caused by the screen,  in turn  lowering the risk of catastrophic damage.

The zipper is sewn in the shape of a rainbow within a section of bug screen. We use Phifer screen as standard.  Once installed, and unzipped it will open automatically, allowing easy access through the screen.

In everything that we do, we aim to utilize all of the resources available to us to deliver client satisfaction. We accomplish this goal by upholding the highest standards in our client care and maintaining prompt turnaround times.

Zipper Flap Uses

Screen enclosures are awsome they keep bugs and critters out of your personal space and allow you to enjoy the outdoors bug free ,but sometimes are vulnerable in high winds. The screen itself creates wind resistance and sometimes the winds are so high the enclosure leans or even collapses especially older enclosure . This is where the Zipper Flap comes in.  Zipper Flaps with straps could be stratigically place throughout the enclosure they can be opened and straped to allow the wind to blow through. This could drastically lower the risk major damage. If you need to handle the upkeep of your gutters you can just unzip Zipper Flap for easy access , no more climbing on the roof , you are putting yourself at risk of  damaging roof tiles, rubbing off the shingle granules, or falling.

If you ask any qualified re-screener what can I do to help prevent damage to my enclosure during a hurricane . They will say cut the screen out on opposite ends of the enclosure to allow the wind to pass through.

If you install Zipper Flap access panels with straps on opposite ends of the enclosure you can unzip them for the storm . No more costly re-screening. Zipper Flap comes with a limited life-time warranty and is Guaranteed to last as long as the screen.

At Access Screens, LLC, we aim to reduce or even eliminate the risks associated with  gutter cleaning and damaging winds through our product's. 

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Access Screens, LLC offers solutions to create a positive change in the way you or your customers handle gutter maintenance and screen enclosure safety.
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